What we offer

Our offering  includes keynotes, corporate workshops, coaching and group facilitation.  Robyn can also ensure your conference runs smoothly as your Master of Ceremonies.
•    Keynotes
•    Master of Ceremonies
•    Speaker coaching
•    Conference workshops
•    Corporate workshops
•    Group facilitation
•    Organisational coaching – teams
•    Executive & personal coaching
•    Mediation
•    Writing speeches

What’s in it for you?

Do you wish something in your life was different? Are you frustrated with your current situation and not sure how to change it. Do you know where you want to go yet don’t know how to get there?  Then read more, to discover the specific benefits you will gain from engaging our services.
•    Understand the power of habits and attitudes in your life
•    Make new beneficial habits a permanent part of your life
•    Stop rescuing others
•    Release your victim mentality
•    Eliminate confusion and create clarity
•    Move on from pain to power
•    Overcome obstacles and achieve excellence
•    Design your life one habit, one day at a time
•    Become the person, parent, leader you choose to be
•    Clear communication around who you are and what you stand for
•    Learn how to communicate so others listen
•    Translate goals into actions
•    Master emotional intelligence
•    Know when to surrender and when to co-operate with the inevitable
•    Establish wellness habits
•    Manage your life and your time

What’s in it for your business?

Do you have a plan for your business moving forward yet don’t have a strategy for enthusiastically engaging your people and getting the project off to a flying start?
Are you facing resistance to yet another initiative? Are your leaders not coping with their responsibilities?  Do you just wish you could get everyone to work together as a team?  Are your staff de-motivated and disorganised?
•    Develop your leaders
•    Create a climate where change can occur
•    Clear understanding of the habits of winning teams
•    Staff accepting responsibility
•    Mobilising teams towards common goals
•    Empowered staff through clarity of roles, responsibilities and boundaries
•    Strengthened morale and motivation to improve productivity

What we cover?

Our core focus is on leadership, communication, service and personal mastery. Our offering will ensure that individuals, leaders and teams step up and accept responsibility and move away from excuses and blame.
•    Leadership
•    Confident communication
•    The art of presenting
•    Personal Mastery
•    The art of smart service
•    Teaming
•    Mentoring

Who we do it for?

Our experience crosses all sectors. Specific expertise rests with the tourism industry/hotels and hospitality as well as the education sector.
•    Individuals
•    Organisations
•    Tourism Industry/hotels and hospitality a core competency
•    Schools and educational institutions

Why Winning Habits

Why Winning Habits?

For over a decade, I have guided and encouraged people to create winning habits through my work as a conference speaker, MC, organisational and personal coach.  It has always been a very simple message – winning is a habit, so is losing; every single day our habits determine our effectiveness or ineffectiveness and say much about our values and character.

I have always maintained that daily habits determine our destiny and that if we wish to change our lives then we must change our habits.   Whilst others consider that ‘success’ is way out there beyond our reach, I maintain that ‘yard by yard it is hard, inch by inch it is a cinch’.  Quite simply, in every moment of every day, we are making choices that do and will impact our future; whether we choose an apple or a Tim Tam; whether we react in anger or step back and consider; whether we accept responsibility or blame others and become a victim. Our life, Our choice.

It has always been a privilege and an honour to work with clients, supporting them through their pain and obstacles in all areas of their life so they can move on and achieve their desired goals. My talks and workshops draw on everyday events, relationships, challenges and interactions; situations and experiences people can easily relate to, as opposed to text book-speak.

Having said that, the ‘science’ of habits is timeless. 80-90% of our actions and emotional responses are habitual and those very habits are making or breaking us.  The first step in changing is creating awareness of the habits serving us well and those that do not.

Changing habits does not depend on luck or willpower. It is a process that can be successfully managed by anyone who understands how it works and is prepared to explore the steps required to create winning habits.

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