Calves who are taken away from their mums are called weaners. In other words, they are weaned off their mother’s milk at the appropriate age and placed in a separate paddock, often many kilometres away.

 Recently, I heard about two cows walking across three paddocks and literally through three fences to find their weaned calves. No one ‘taught’ them which direction to head in or how to get there. They just ‘knew’.


We are born with an inner knowing; call it intuition, wisdom, instinct, sixth sense, hunch.

When my children were small, I engaged baby-sitters as required through reputable sources. One evening, when a baby-sitter turned up, both my children, aged four and five at the time, said to me quietly that they ‘didn’t like her’.  Confident that the sitter had been well referenced-checked, I left them with her for a few hours with a sheet of information about the children, numbers to call etc

On returning, I asked the sitter how the children had been and she replied with, “Oh, the girl was OK but I didn’t like the boy”. She didn’t even know their names!!!! My little people had exercised their wisdom, their intuition, without even knowing how they did it.

Given that we are all born with that inner-knowing, why is it that so many ignore it and end up in relationships, jobs and situations that they ‘know’ are wrong yet rationalise them and the behaviour of others?

Over the years, I have coached so many people who know, in their gut, that their partner, their manager or their so-called best friend is not doing the right thing by them yet they ignore the warning bells.  They ‘hang in’ hoping things will get better or begin to think that they are the problem and if they just ‘leave it with the other person’ that all will be well.

A powerful question I ask clients is, “The first time so and so treated you that way, how did you feel and what did you do?”

The consistent response is “I was devastated. I felt sick. I walked out of the house’.

“So, then, why are you putting up with that now?” I probe.

The reality is that we get trapped in addictive emotional patterns and as a client said to me the other day, “My gut gets confused by my thoughts”.

If you’ve lost touch with your inner knowing, you may consider engaging a coach (me!) to help you regain the wisdom you were born with.


 I feel there are two people inside me – me and my intuition.
If I go against her, she will screw me every time and
if I follow  her, we get along quite nicely.

– Kim Basinger





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