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RobynRobyn Pulman’s  core focus is leadership, communication and personal mastery. She develops leaders, teams and individuals through the identification and creation of achievable daily habits.

After a short-lived teaching career, she established herself in the corporate world, in national and international management and marketing and has invested the past fifteen years studying and researching the power of habits in our lives and how to change them …

Between the years of 1977 and 1988, Robyn held senior marketing positions with the Ritz, London; Hyatt Hotels Europe, Middle East and Africa and then on to Marriott Hotels, Europe, Middle East and Africa. During that period, she returned to Australia for two years, 1981/2, during which time she worked for Spectator Sports Marketing, Sydney where she handled the sports marketing accounts for both McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

In 1988, she chose to return permanently to her homeland of Australia to take up a position as Director of Marketing for Mirage Resorts, both here and in the USA. This role required her to direct and co-ordinate the marketing efforts of the hotels, shopping centres, marinas, sports clubs and residential real estate.

Two children and four years later, Robyn and her chef husband, Stephen, moved to Montville on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where they opened Mirabelle Restaurant, a business they sold after eight years of successful operation.

Robyn expertly combines her high-level corporate experience with that of small family business in her presentations.  Her style is upbeat and fun and valuable lessons are learned through stories, parables, interaction and activities.

To deepen her offering and solidify the wisdom of  her messages, she has been immersing herself in life on the land, a remote cattle and sheep station in far western Queensland, studying principles of effective animal management for application in the human zoo.

If you are looking for style and substance, polish and professionalism, energy and entertainment, wisdom and worldliness, relatability and realism, overlaid with the earth wisdom of the outback and the indisputable laws of nature,then invite Robyn to help you create winning habits to achieve your potential.

Robyn’s Professional and Personal Commitment

Whenever I am appointed to work on your behalf, I commit to the following:-


  • obtaining a thorough brief on your organisation and objectives
  • designing my programs to suit your specific needs
  • researching specific challenges, changes, staff issues which may be impacting performance and treating with 100% confidence
  • assessing any sensitive issues
  • honesty and frankness as to what you can expect to achieve
  • presenting a proposal to pre-agreed standards
  • providing you with my introduction to be read out
  • preparing promotional copy and flyer to present to your audience


  • turning up on time with a positive, enthusiastic attitude
  • contacting you immediately should any serious delays occur ( flight cancellations, road blocks)
  • being well groomed and appropriately attired at all times
  • allowing an hour before my presentation for sound/equipment/room checks
  • co-ordinating with set up crew to ensure my needs fit the overall needs
  • liaising with appropriate parties politely and respectfully
  • ‘reading’ the atmosphere and audience and making any necessary adjustments to my presentation

During my presentation

  • using energy and passion
  • clearly defining key messages
  • asking audience WIIFM- What’s in it for me? – and tailoring my presentation accordingly
  • interacting with audience throughout entire presentation
  • using appropriate humour, examples, anecdotes
  • providing support audio-visual material to enhance not take over presentation
  • responding calmly and professionally to all emergencies and problems
  • always speaking appropriately to audience members
  • never being rude or critical although I may challenge thinking
  • summarising key points and action steps
  • adhering to the time frame and adjusting as required

Post presentation

  • staying around for an agreed time to answer questions
  • departing with minimum intrusion into your priorities
  • following up with you to evaluate performance and impact
  • itemising my expenses and invoicing you  promptly
  • providing receipts as required
  • discussing strategies to continue impact of my message
  • never disclosing sensitive information about your organisation to anyone
  • being prepared to follow up with audience members who phone or email me

You are assured of my professionalism at all times


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