Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. Whether you need a safe, trustworthy independent sounding board or to be robustly challenged, Robyn will guide and support you through professional and personal issues. Her corporate experience will ensure she can identify with your issues and not just academically discuss them.

“Dear Robyn,
I honestly didn’t realise the benefit of listening to staff before I engaged you as my coach.
The hours I have dedicated to one on ones have taught me more about leadership than 20 years in my current role.
This is a habit I will create.
Thank you very much for teaching this ‘old dog’ new tricks.”


Executive coaching is preferably conducted face-to-face and includes a written summary of session and interim email support.

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Personal Coaching

Conducted over the phone, you will feel supported and empowered by Robyn to deal with the ‘issues’ in your life; be they health, relationship, career development etc  Her philosophy is to give you a hand-up, not a hand-out and you will guided, challenged and held accountable.

“Robyn, you made a huge impact on me from our very first call.
I was one of those read everything, listen to everything people.
However, I failed to put my knowledge into practice and couldn’t understand why.
Your question, “Are you using the fact that you don’t have a goal as an excuse not to do anything?” catapulted me into action overnight.
I’ve embarked on a health campaign simply because I can and started belly dancing classes. Professionally, I am more focussed and exploring a number of different possibilities.
Now I know that all I have to do is act my way into a new way of thinking.
That’s how you change your mindset and now I GET IT!!”

Natalie Souter

Coaching – Introductory Session

As a special offer on your introductory session, you will receive:

* 10 minute review of your issues over the phone to discuss how coaching can help
* opportunity to email Robyn prior to session with your issues/requirements
* 90 minute session (sessions usually run for one hour) for $220.00 inclusive GST

Subsequent coaching sessions will be charged at $220.00 inclusive GST for an hour long session unless a package is purchased.

Coaching – 6 Session Package

Invest in five sessions for $1100.00 inclusive GST and receive a sixth session with our compliments.

By committing to this program, you are saying you are serious about  making changes and wish to be held accountable and to be supported throughout.  Your investment includes interim email support.

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Unresolved issues can create havoc in the home or the workplace.  An experienced, objective mediator can support individuals, couples and teams through these tough times.  By aligning her coaching expertise with mediation techniques, issues can and are resolved efficiently and effectively.

“Robyn, what can I say to impress upon you the difference you have made not only to myself but to the team?
Your ability to professionally yet caringly probe into our problems and help us find our own solutions is something that no other facilitator has ever achieved.
We want you back!”

David Blackmore

Writing Speeches

Need to make an important presentation, pitch a business idea or impress the Board, then you may choose to engage Robyn to help you get the right words together, in the right sequence with the appropriate weight and emphasis.  She is also great at writing letters!

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