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Habits Aren't Just For Nuns BOOK


Stories to Inspire and Habits to Acquire
… on Life and Relationships

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The promise of this book is simple:
You can create a better life any moment
you decide – one habit, one day at a time.

Robyn Pulman says: The guiding words in this book are about everyday life and relationships.

Each story in this book was borne of an issue or incident in my life or in the lives of those around me, providing a catalyst for introspection and inspection.

As you savour these messages one at a time, you will not feel alone with your hurts, challenges or frustrations.
You will be heartened to know that you are not the only person feeling the way you do.

You will learn:

  • That you can release your victim mentality and take back control
  • How to create powerful new beginnings
  • That you can be happy when you are hurting
  • The magic of Stop, Check, Correct
  • How to resolve conflict and build better relationships
  • How to design your ideal life one habit, one day at a time
  • That now is the time to focus on you and stop rescuing others

The most consistently used word in feedback to my jottings over the years has been inspiration.

The second most used word has been insight.

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“Robyn, quite simply, thank you. You are a one-off! Your messages are
so real, so relatable. You continue to inspire, uplift and guide me.”
– Nigel Basson, Director, Suntel Australia

“In the absence of parents for fifteen years, you have been a wonderful
guiding influence, providing perspective and encouragement.”
– Glen Murdoch, Managing Director, Murdoch Coaching

“YOU INSPIRE ME! Thank you. Your stories always touch and move
through me like a refreshing breeze on a hot and humid day.”
– Pauline Du Rietz

“Your inspiration has been part of the motivation that I have taken to get
myself fit enough to walk the Kokoda track; quite a job as I had become
a bit like my working dogs – fat and shiny. Thanks again.”
– Cam and Lel

“Thanks again for your thoughts; they make me appreciate just how
different my life has been since realizing I had a choice in controlling my
own happiness and joy and just how much less stressful life has become.”
– Sue Booth


The book itself is simple and easy to digest!

My intent is that you absorb this book one message at a time.

It is not a book to be read from start to finish.

There is no chronological sequence to the stories.

You may choose to explore the chapter headings if there is a specific area of your life that you would like to focus on.

Sample chapter headings:
On character
On gaining wisdom
On letting go
On moving on
On health and well-being
On personal mastery

Order your copy today (including postage Australia wide)

Price: $29.95



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