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Robyn will design a ‘winning habits’ presentation to reflect your audience’s background, needs and interests.  She will make heroes of your delegates as she covers the timeless philosophy of the power of habits.  Individuals will walk away with a belief that they can ‘design their destiny’ and will have the mindset and tools to make it a reality.  There will also be a lot of laughter and quite a few self-discoveries along the way. Her messages are now overlaid with the earthy wisdom she gleaned living in the outback; there is much outback wisdom to be gleaned for the city slicker.

“Dear Robyn
To say that I am not easily impressed these days would be quite true and that to hold my attention for two hours would probably require a Ziz Ziglar or Anthony Robbins.  I have to say that in my book you were there! Your presentation style was superb, your knowledge of the topic excellent and pitched at just the right level for the audience.

Neil Smith
Psychologist, former Olympic Athlete and Management Trainer

Master of Ceremonies

Robyn is a poised and polished MC who will ensure that your event runs as flawlessly and seamlessly as possible.   She will work with you to ensure that the program, the speakers and the sponsors are all on the same page and guide you with her creative input and wealth of operational expertise.

“Your positive, generous and charming nature was the much-needed factor that made the conference so successful.  You are one of the most polished and professional personalities I have ever had the good fortune to meet.
David Shackleton
Senior VP Starwood Hotels

Speaker Coaching

Whether for yourself or your in-house speakers, Robyn can coach you in the vital art of presenting. She can also ensure that your sponsor presentations are delivered with the appropriate degree of professionalism; you need to avoid your delegates walking out of the room when the vital sponsors are on the platform!

Conference Workshops

Invigorate your conference with a highly charged, interactive workshop to either extend Robyn’s keynote topic or equip your delegates with the know-how to apply the wisdom gained during the conference.  Remember, winning is a habit; so is losing. Given the space, Robyn can actively engage workshop groups of any size.

“Hello Robyn,
I want to thank you for the Stress Management session. It did indeed give me focus. So many of the things that you said brought back into focus principles and truths that I know but have let slip into the background and slip out of practice. I have become busy “doing” life and have stopped “living” it.
Particularly relevant to me was “Knowing what you want and saying so, is attractive”. I will now clearly and precisely state my intention and not allow others desires or my anticipations of their desires or responses to manipulate me.
I know what it is like to walk with confidence, clarity and focus and the material you covered and the things that you said today have redirected me back onto the path to that place. I can’t wait to be back there!

Thank you again,
Therese Westbrook

Corporate / School Workshops

Gather the troops and allow Robyn to instill the winning habits necessary to move the group from pain to power, whatever their pain may be.  They will walk away with monthly action plans and milestones.

“I wanted to email to tell you about the impact you have made on the College culture.
Life is not any easier, but life has been uplifted by your positive input.
I’d like to say thank you.
At the Childcare Centre one of the staff has printed out on their home computer and laminated a series of your “gems of wisdom”.
They are on the walls of the staff room so that all staff are reminded, confronted, supported or whatever by them.
Our weekly reflections are currently using some of your seminar philosophy.

There are many influences in life.
I am grateful that you have been one of them.”

Margaret Horton
Director of Coomera Anglican College

Group Facilitation

Need to explore a subject and want to reach an outcome instead of wasting time hearing different opinions and getting nowhere? Robyn will help ensure that everyone feels validated and keep you on track and on task to resolve your issues.

“Hi Robyn,
We have some great evaluation reports from the participants.
You were related “Fantastic” overall.
And it was great to see the way the Executive Partnerships worked together to develop a greater respect and appreciation of each other.
I know it was a challenge for you and the participants to work into the night, and the tiredness could have been overwhelming.
However, your activities (including “Bang!”) kept everyone on their toes.
Thank you again.

Graeme Drapper
Business Manager – Lutheran Education Queensland

Organisational Consulting – teams

The fastest growing area of Robyn’s business is in the area of organisational consulting where she aligns herself with your business/team over a period of months, and occasionally years, and guides and supports you in identifying who and what needs to change.

Through working with dozens of organisations and small businesses in depth, Robyn has identified the key reasons why businesses fail and/or staff underperform. This process creates focus, alignment, engagement, milestones, accountability, sustainability and celebration.

Thanks for all your support and assistance.
We have made a huge difference in such a short period of time.
I REALLY appreciate the opportunity of working with you.
The mood around here has been quite different and my managers are really starting to shine; it is helping everyone.”

Adam Simpson
Manager IT Services – MBF

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