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The listed topics for keynotes and workshops are representative of Robyn’s offering. All of her presentations are tailored to her client’s  specific requirements and situation. The timeless principles of  ‘habits’ can be applied to support your objectives.

You are assured that your desired outcomes will be thoroughly  researched and that any discussion with you will begin ‘with the end  in mind’. In simple terms, what would be the cause for celebration in  your organisation following the engagement of Robyn’s services?

How  would your team be behaving differently and what would your clients be  experiencing differently?

Your people will be moved to thinking and acting differently through a mixture of inspiration and information and will walk away with practical steps they can apply immediately.

Where possible, Robyn will interview and make ‘heroes’ of your people.

Nothing engages an audience more than seeing ‘one of their own’ up on  the big screen; their challenges and how they cope.  This diligent  research into your organisation and your people ensures that audiences  know there is a clear understanding of their specific issues and  culture.

Workshops are designed to suit your time-frame and budget.

Robyn  prefers to engage with your organisation on a repeat basis to ensure  consistency of behaviour and accountability.

Designing your Destiny through Creating Winning Habits

Have you ever stopped to think that in every moment of every day, you are making choices that will impact your destiny? Find out how you can turn simple daily actions and interactions into lifechanging habits.

You will be given the opportunity to understand your personal and professional responsibilities necessary to overcome obstacles, deal with the drudgery, manifest the magical and design your destiny.

It will stop the blame-game, excusitis and the pity-party and open a world of possibilities and opportunities.

“Dear Robyn,
Wow! What a conference… you were just what we all needed. Your presentation and the discussions it produced was rated a highlight of the conference.

Creating Winning Habits was a timely topic for all and we will be working on changing our destinies by using your tools and techniques. The Boards that had some one on one time with you told me it was a privilege to have you and a fabulous experience for them all.”

Nikki Hancock
Principle Focus

“Hi Robyn,
The feedback about your presentation has been terrific.

Attendees were to rate it between 1 & 5 (1 being the lowest) and many rated you at 10.
So there you go, off the scale.What more could you ask?!”

Gail McDonald

Are you Balanced or (going) Berserk?

Habits to make and habits to break.

The ideal of perfect health depends on perfect balance. Everything you eat, say, think, do, see and feel affects your overall state of balance.

Patterns of behaviour affect our balance

  • you have exhausted yourself physically or undergone a period of mental strain
  • you have skipped meals or simply grabbed for all the wrong things
  • you have not been consistent with your sleep patterns
  • you have allowed a workmate to get the better of you and you are reacting

Once out of balance, we tend to gravitate to those very behaviours that are making us unwell.

Simply by creating awareness that the way we will feel tomorrow is a direct reflection of how we live today puts you back in the driving seat of re-creating balance.

Content of this keynote draws on Robyn’s recent visit to India where she fulfilled a life-long goal of visiting an Ayurvedic Health Retreat. Ayurveda is the Science of Life. In Sanskrit, Ayu means “life, lifespan, longevity” whilst Veda means “Science”. The intent of Ayurveda, developed in India over 6000 years ago, is to create balance in your body, mind and soul.

This is about creating awareness of self, about implementing simple daily habits that will make you so engergised that you will attract whatever you choose for you.

“Robyn, I really enjoyed your session. It provided a lot of food for thought particularly around life
preservation, looking after one’s well being.

I thought your combination of experience, quotes and humour made for interesting listening, given that we were all exhausted after a big day.
I didn’t lose interest throughout the whole session. Thank you Robyn.”

Michael Barry
Tarong Energy

“Hi Robyn,
Retreat, Revive and Refocus was the fourth workshop that I had shared with you.
Robyn, you continue to be so excellent, so positive, so knowledgeable, so motivational, so inspirational.

Thank you so very much for doing what you do.
Admiringly – Peter”

Peter Wells
Teacher – Hervey Bay College
Wide Bay Institute of TAFE

Leadership is Action, not Position

Winning Habits for Lasting Leadership.

Many people are put in positions of management/leadership because they are good at what they do, not because they are good at managing people.

Dale Carnegie said, “Dealing with people is the biggest problem in business”.

penguinsYet, according to studies on the application of emotional intelligence in the workplace by Sheffield University, people management is three times as important as Research & Development and six times more important than business strategy in improving productivity and performance.

Yet who teaches us how to influence others? No one, because most people define leadership as the ability to achieve a position, not to get followers. Real leadership is more than having authority; it is more than having the technical training and following the proper procedures.

Real leadership, according to John Maxwell is, “being the person others will gladly and confidently follow”.

A powerful, insightful look at ‘habits at the top’ with some revealing international survey results from staff on ‘good’ bosses and ‘bad’ bosses.

One word, ‘sensational’. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks. You not only introduced new learnings; you also added new dimensions to what I already know from life’s experiences.
There has not been a seminar or course that I have been so engrossed in and excited to be a part of. It was so exhilirating and refreshing to me. I have no doubt that as I roll this out to my team leaders that they can also experience the essence of what we learnt and truly become a high performance team within the competitive retail world.
I do look forward to our Reconnect day in May.

David Page
Team Leader
Coles Fairfield

“Hi Robyn,
Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday’s course at the Department of Environment and Heritage.
You are a very talented presenter and trainer.
I have never been to a course where the enthusiasm and energy level was there from the start and maintained.
You have pitched your subject matter on leadership just right.
It is interesting relevant and challenges in the right ways.

Thank you again.
Michael Walls
Public Affairs Officer – Greenhouse Communication
Communications and International Branch
Department of the Environment & Heritage

Creating Credibility through Confident Communication

Whenever you interact with others, you are communicating.

From your body language to your grooming, you are making a clear statement about your
character and personality in every moment of every day.

When you begin speaking, you are opening yourself up to a world of evaluation and judgement.

From the tone of your voice, to the words you use, to your pronunciation, enunciation, pace and pitch, grammar and volume, you will be perceived as:-

  • professional or pathetic
  • interesting or insignificant
  • confident or cowering
  • dynamic or dreary
  • sincere or sly
  • promotable or forgettable

Professional communication is poised, polished and purposeful and is must-have if you wish to move forward in your career. Indeed, in every interaction, we are selling ourselves and our services. This ‘hands-on’ workshop will teach people how to inspire confidence when communicating.

You handled a mixed group of people and experience very well. You ensured you researched the
messages that needed to be delivered to the group.
We want you back!”

Briony Cole
International Training Manager

Your Art of Presenting

Public Speaking and Business Presentations.

Presenting effectively can be a demanding task for many in the business world. Preparation time is often short, the information needed may not be complete, the objectives may be unclear and you may be extremely nervous about the whole process.

Whilst practice makes perfect, it is essential that you are familiar with the basic skills and techniques required to make effective presentations.

Robyn guarantees you will walk away with the confidence and skills to present with purpose and passion.

“At Maroochy Shire Council we had large numbers of staff that felt intense anxiety around doing presentations to groups. To address this problem we selected Robyn Pulman to deliver three programs.

It is nothing short of amazing to watch how Robyn nurtures someone from being petrified to wonderfully confident in such a short period of time. I am constantly being stopped in the hallways by staff who tell me they will never be afraid to do a presentation again and in fact they are now actively looking for ways to practice their new found skills.

Well done Robyn.”

Jocelyn Kwaczynski
Organisation Development
Maroochy Shire Council

The Meaning of Mentoring

How to maximise mentoring programs.

The origins of mentoring come from the ancient Greeks.  When Odysseys, King of Ithaca, went to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted the care of his son, Telemachus, to his friend, Mentor.  In time the word mentor became synonymous with a trusted friend, teacher or wise person.

Experienced staff are the most valuable asset an organisation has. A well organised and structured mentoring program can fast-track staff experience whilst enhancing staff satisfaction, building loyalty, improving productivity and meeting specific, individual needs.

In order to optimise the relationship between mentors and mentees, it is essential that both parties operate within specific guidelines as well as appreciate, respect and understand their respective roles.

You will learn how to establish, operate and maximise a mentoring program
for the benefit of individuals and your organisation.

“Dear Robyn,
Just wanted to say thankyou – I have recently finished a week of “feedback” sessions, all impromptu and most recipients were emotional.
However, time and time again I found myself quoting lots of “robynisims” and pulling from a wide range of conversations we have had over the years – all of which immensely helped.
So thankyou from the bottom of my heart.”

Paula Hammond

The Art of Smart Service

The program is designed to instill a sense of self responsibility amongst all delegates as to the power and potential of their commitment to customer service and the benefits to be gained by all.

It is a well-researched fact that 67% of customers/clients stop doing business with a particular company/organisation because of indifferent attitude and lack of attention from staff. Only 9% are lost through price.  Businesses often lose sight of the fact that it costs six to 15 times more to attract new customers than to retain a loyal one.  Even a 5% increase in customer retention can raise profitability by 25-65%.

All of us prefer to do business with people we know, like and trust.  We will explore both attitudinal and aptitudinal skills and techniques to establish relationships develop rapport and build trust.

Emphasis will be on empowering the group to establish a set of service standards that all can agree on and work towards.

“From this workshop, I learned to be a better listener and to be more aware that when things become a bit tense that a more positive response will help achieve harmony.
Robyn’s energy and passion should be bottled and I know that I felt totally alive after being given the great pleasure of our team’s participation in her workshop.
To quote from the movie, When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Rob Kerkin

Personal Mastery

Personal mastery is about taking control of yourself, your circumstances and your relationships. It will make you so attractive that you will attract what you want for you.

Personal Mastery is understanding what you stand for; your values, ethics and determining your boundaries and tolerations. It is about living self-responsibly and not playing the blame-game. It will ensure that you spend so much time improving yourself that you have not time to criticise others.

Personal mastery is about caring for you first before you care for others. It is about acknowledging that you choose how you will live your life. When you blame others you give up your power to change.  Personal mastery leaves you nowhere to hide; it is enlightening, liberating and self-honouring.  In turn it will give you the emotional strength and energy to support others on your terms, not theirs.

In the absence of personal mastery, you will be the effect of all the other ‘masters’ in the world.

“Robyn delivers her message straight to the soul, from the soul, without the clutter, in an entertaining and powerful style.
She is personal and charming with her audience, gently inspiring each of them to learn and realise their full potential and higher gifts.”

Shane Fracchia
CEO – Holy Spirit Home
Carseldine, Brisbane

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