Hi there. I’ve not ‘blogged’ before and, in a world of information overload, wish to only post information of value.

What is really interesting to me at the beginning of 2010 is how so many people, including myself, say that 2009 was an annus horribilis and how they are looking forward to a more positive and rewarding 2010.

That’s great… for mindset is important.

However, how many times have I heard folk say “Oh, no, I’m not going to make any new year resolutions. I never keep them”.

So, seriously, how can you expect life to change ( for the better ) if you are not prepared to change yourself? Quite simply, if you are not teachable, life won’t get better. If you are not both willing to learn and willing to change, your life won’t change.

So what I am doing differently?

Well, I have taken the first couple of weeks of this year to gain as much medical information that I can regarding a chronic shoulder condition that I have suffered with for years… and I have booked in with a physio and a pain rehab specialist to take me through a consistent training program. I knew I couldn’t / wouldn’t do it on my own.

How often do you overlook a niggle, pain, indigestion, emotional issue and just ‘hope’ it will get better?

I refused steroid injections and have sourced an AMAZING product based on Turmeric (Cumerone 1200) which has magically blocked /stopped the pain.  Herbal, natural and it works. If you are in pain, contact me and I’ll tell you where to get it. It is natural.

Welcome to Creating Winning Habits – please check back soon …

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